2013 Leadership for Service College Scholarship Recipients

For the second year, HOBY is excited to announce the recipients of the Leadership for Service college scholarship

Sonya Stanczyk, HOBY-Connecticut 2012 and ALA 2013

Sonya established Feeding the Need CT, Inc., a non-profit that allows students in the culinary program at her school, Newtown High School, to provide meals to ten local shelters in Danbury, Waterbury, and Bridgeport. Rather than just cook for themselves the students now provide for those in need. Feeding the Need continues to expand, donating to more shelters, receiving perishable food donations from the Connecticut Food Bank, and providing meals while eliminating food waste and fighting hunger. As of July, Feeding the Need had prepared and served over 10,000 meals.

Alexandra Vielhaber, HOBY- Georgia 2012 (336 hours)

After serving as a summer volunteer at Cartersville Medical Center, Alexandra wanted to know how she could do more once the school year started. Impressed with her initiative, the staff asked Alexandra to help them launch diabetes, stroke and heart attack awareness campaigns targeting the entire community. Her biggest project was the Hand Hygiene project. Under the guidance of the infection control specialist, Alexandra served as the “spy” of the hospital, documenting when staff were not washing their hands while moving in and out of patient rooms. Since most diseases that are contracted while in hospital can be traced back to simple hand hygiene, Alexandra’s research was life-saving.

Congratulations to the L4S scholarship semi-finalists

  • Collin Whitney, Arkansas, 274.5 hours
  • Emily Ross, California South, 384 hours
  • Emily Whitcomb, Central Pennsylvania, 1,504 hours
  • Emma Harris, Kentucky, 326.5 hours
  • Isabelle Williams, Massachusetts, 267.12 hours
  • Justin Smith, Alabama, 262 hours
  • Madeline Eckert, Nevada, 260 hours
  • Taylor Cochran, Kentucky, 278.5 hours
  • Ursula Widocki, New Jersey, 339.25 hours
  • Venna Spencer, Washington, 801 hours

How can you win?

HOBY will provide two $1,000 college scholarships for the 2013 Alumni Class.

To be eligible for consideration, alumni must have completed a minimum of 250 hours of service that made a measurable impact on one community issue or project and have logged these hours into the Leadership for Service online system by July 1, 2014. The application must be submitted by July 31, 2014.

Award criteria

  • HOBY Alumni who attended a Leadership Seminar in 2013.
  • Have upheld the core values of HOBY by displaying excellence, integrity, diversity, and innovative thinking.
  • Through their service and leadership, they represent an example to their peers of an Outstanding HOBY Ambassador.
  • They have served in their schools, neighborhoods and communities and have made a significant difference in the lives of others.
  • Completed a minimum of 250 hours of service that have made a measurable impact on one community issue or project and have logged these hours in the HOBY Leadership for Service online system by July 1, 2014
  • All information must be verifiable

Letter of reference from an individual who can attest to the impact of the Alumni’s Leadership for Service hours and overall leadership.

Application form and required materials received by July 31, 2014.

Since the start of the Leadership for Service program, HOBY alumni have served and logged 2.8 million hours (as of August 2013).