2017 NYC Albert Schweitzer Awards Honoree- His Excellency, Ambassador T. Hamid al-Bayati

as_ny_award_dinner_logoThe Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award is 
presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves through their service to mankind and have contributed significantly through their leadership to the education and motivation of youth.

Ambassador T. Hamid al-Bayati

Professor at Fordham University
Former Permanent Representative  of Iraq to the UN

“Youth education is the only way to have better leaders for a better future in this world. That is what HOBY does, so well.”

His Excellency, Ambassador T. Hamid al-Bayati is currently a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Fordham University and Special Advisor to the Middle East Office of International Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He previously served as Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations (U.N.) from 2006–2013 and as Iraq’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs and Bilateral Relations from 2004–2006.

Upon his arrival in New York in 2006, Ambassador al-Bayati made significant progress as Iraq’s Permanent Representative.  He was elected Chair of the Third Committee in 2006, Vice President of the General Assembly in 2007, and Chair of the Sixth Committee in 2008.  Additionally, al-Bayati served as Chair for the U.N. Disarmament Commission in 2011.  Because of the ambassador, Iraq joined the Economic and Social Council from 2007–2010, the Commission on the Status of Women from 2009–2012, and the U.N. Human Settlements Programme from 2009–2011.

Following Saddam Hussein’s Kuwait invasion of 1990, the U.N. Security Council considered Iraq a threat to world peace and security and adopted resolutions against it.  After the fall of Hussein’s regime in 2003, unresolved issues affected relations between Iraq and Kuwait.  From 2004–2013, al-Bayati strived to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, which authorized the Security Council to use force and impose sanctions.  By the time al-Bayati finished his tenure at the U.N. in 2013, remaining issues were resolved, sanctions against Iraq were lifted, and Iraq broke free from Chapter VII.

Al-Bayati fled to the U.K. after being imprisoned and tortured in Iraq in the 1990s.  While living in exile, he led a political and media campaign to uncover Hussein’s regime crimes.  In 2002, al-Bayati was among six representatives invited to Washington, D.C., to meet several high-ranking officials including Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

invitationHOBY is beyond privileged to recognize Ambassador Hamid al-Bayati as the 2017 Albert Schweitzer Honoree.  His remarkable political contributions, as well as his dedication to youth leadership and development through his university roles, have no doubt motivated and empowered countless others to make a positive difference within our global society.

Join us in honoring our Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award honorees, Alumni Achievement Award winners and our Outstanding Young Alumni and celebrate our 59 years in developing young leaders at the Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Dinner in New York City on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  SEE EVENT ON FACEBOOK.

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