2017 Young Outstanding Alumni Award Semi-Finalists

Whether through community service, realizing personal and professional dreams, or starting their own non-profits, HOBY alumni are changing the world for the better.

2017_oya_logoHOBY Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The HOBY Outstanding Young Alumni Award was created to recognize and honor HOBY alumni ages 25 and under for their accomplishments and service.  The winners of the award have distinguished themselves as a leader among their peers and in their community.  They have served in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities, started their own non-profits and have made a significant difference in the lives of others.


The 2017 Young Outstanding Alumni Award Semi-Finalists

Congratulations! HOBY is honored to announce the semi-finalists for our Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Together, these individuals donated a combined total of over 7,443 hours of service to their communities!


  • Julia Abelsky, Georgia, 2011
  • Emmah Bowers, Pennsylvania, 2015
  • Kyla Brezitski, Pennsylvania, 2015
  • Amari Coffee, California, 2015
  • Eimhear Davis, Mississippi, 2015
  • Annie Dempsey, Georgia, 2014
  • Maria Gomez, Texas, 2015
  • Brandon Harris, Maryland, 2016
  • Carley Kavanaugh, Michigan, 2014
  • Erin Orchard, Alaska, 2009
  • Molly Pals, Colorado, 2008
  • Abby Pitts, Mississippi, 2015
  • Chloe Riven, Vermont, 2015
  • Max Rubenstein, Georgia, 2016
  • Allie Thiesse, South Dakota, 2013
  • Niharika Vattikonda, Virginia, 2016

Each semi-finalist will receive a certificate and special HOBY pin, as well as a ticket to HOBY’s 2017 Albert Schweitzer Awards Gala in New York on May 31st, 2017. You may also see them featured in HOBY publications throughout the year.

And now, the 2017 Young Outstanding Alumni Award winners…

2017 OYA Winners Social Media 

Annie and Max will be formally recognized at the 2017 Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Gala on May 31st, 2017 at the New York Athletic Club. For more information about purchasing tickets or sponsoring this event, please contact Tori Dziedziak at dziedziakt@hoby.org.

Congratulations to our 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni and Semi-Finalists!


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