Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Farace – HOBY Central Pennsylvania & WLC, 2018

Guest Writer: Tyler Farace – HOBY Central Pennsylvania & WLC 2018

Hey HOBY! My name is Ty Farace and I was a 2018 Central Pennsylvania and 2018 HOBY WLC representative. I’ve been asked to share my HOBY story and so that’s what this is. I hope you enjoy!

My HOBY journey started when a friend of mine told me about her time at HOBY and suggested I apply for the local seminar. I thought about it some and decided to apply. I actually won a scholarship from my school to attend the local seminar. From that moment I knew I’d found something special in HOBY.

My local seminar was amazing and I learned so much about myself. I saw positive changes after my local seminar. I’ve had several battles with anxiety and other similar things. After leaving the local seminar I saw a huge boost in my confidence and in general, I saw my life in a whole new light. Instead of seeing the bad things in life and just accepting them, I started to see them and say “how can I change this?”

After my local seminar, I had a choice to make. I had heard how amazing WLC was and I was certain I wanted to go. However, I had to work for it. I was raised to work for what you have. And so in preparation for WLC, I knew I didn’t want any handouts. If I couldn’t earn my way to WLC, I didn’t need to go. So I started working. And this is where the perseverance and hard work that HOBY teaches is important to leadership care into play. I worked 28 days straight of 8 to 10 hour days. My entire June was consumed with work because I wanted to get to HOBY. As the deadline for paying the fees approached, I knew I would be close. But I did it. I made it to HOBY on a trip I worked to pay for entirely by myself.

Prior to attending WLC, I was unsure of what to expect. I had already seen great changes in myself from my local seminar, and I wasn’t sure if it was just going to get better at WLC. Prior to going, my volunteering side wasn’t nearly as strong. However, after returning from HOBY my love for volunteer service has taken off.

I recently went through over 220 hours of classes on top of regular high school to obtain my Pennsylvania EMT, as well as my National Registry EMT certifications. Along with these classes I have easily put in over 500 hours of volunteer time on the ambulance or on the fire engine since the start of 2019. I am currently undergoing my firefighter one training and will begin my vehicle extrication technician training in late April. While going through these classes I maintain active volunteer status at two fire departments and one ambulance department.

HOBY is overall a life-changing experience. From the relationships made to the experiences created, it changes your life. However, the biggest reminder I could give anyone is that HOBY only does as much for you as you let it. So go out and volunteer as much as you can. If you see an issue try to find a cause and create a solution. We are the future. We’re the next doctors to discover cures, the next diplomats to solve world issues, the next scientists to learn more about the world than we can even imagine. So get out there and get after it. Find a volunteer passion and chase it. One day it might be your full-time job!

More than 450 students from 14 countries participate in WLC each year, including Argentina, Albania, Mexico, Turkey, China, Spain, Bolivia, Taiwan, Korea, and the United Kingdom. Students leave the WLC feeling empowered and equipped with the leadership skills they need to reach their goals and make meaningful contributions to society. As the global aspect on HOBY’s Pathway to Leadership, the WLC is a weeklong program designed to empower high school juniors and seniors to become mature, cognizant leaders and active global citizens. Click to learn more about how you apply to attend the WLC.

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