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Global Youth Service Day: Yes, you can still make a difference while staying at home.

by Ali Fergusson, HOBY Intern Global Youth Service Day #GYSD2020 is right around the corner and even though you are stuck at home, there are so many ways to volunteer. The 32nd annual Global Youth Service Day, which occurs on April 17 through 19, encourages anyone around the world to commit to service within their […]

The Responsibility of the Stewardship of Leadership

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) has a long history of youth leadership development and community service. These values are at the core of our mission. Since 1958, HOBY has provided transformative leadership development training to over 570,000 high school students in the U.S. and abroad. Students who attend a State Leadership Seminar, a  3–4 day […]

Alumni Spotlight: David Hollie – HOBY Alabama, 2015

“HOBY played a vital role in inspiring my commitment to service and leadership. The conference itself was the catalyst that opened my eyes to my purpose and obligation to humanity. The speakers and participants awakened the passion I had on the inside to impact society in a positive manner. The atmosphere and experience there ignited […]

Finding Your “Sonder” at HOBY’s World Leadership Congress

Staying on a college campus in Chicago for the World Leadership Conference (WLC)—what an opportunity! Thanks to her positive experience at HOBY Arizona, my daughter jumped at the chance to attend The World Leadership Congress (WLC). My husband, daughter, and I are so glad that she attended. In explaining HOBY to others, I say that […]

L4S Winner: Cameron Gehlert – HOBY Missouri, 2016

“HOBY opened my eyes to a clearer definition of what my volunteer service should be about: change, growth, commitment and continually re-evaluating those components. HOBY helped me recognize my service did not have to be limited to my own backyard.” I have never been afraid to talk to people but through HOBY I recognized the […]

A Little Change Goes a Long Way: How to Express Your Gratitude This Year

Milagros’ HOBY experience is not unique; in fact, it is more common than people can possibly realize.  HOBY changes young people, regardless of age, geography, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc., into effective, compassionate and inspiring leaders. Perhaps you already know that through your personal experiences with HOBY. The season of gratitude and kindness is upon us.  […]

HOBY Dallas Gala – Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards on November 6th, 2019

HOBY is celebrating outstanding leadership with our Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Gala in Dallas, Texas on November 6th at 6pm. Each year the Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards recognizes leaders in diverse areas of human endeavor and supports fundraising efforts that sustain HOBY programs, which provide young people with leadership development opportunities throughout the world. This year, […]