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Favorite Memories from Years Past: #HOBYThrowback

The school year is officially ending and graduation photos are popping up all over the internet. Schools have organized drive by parades, hosted social distanced processions, hung posters honoring students, and dug deep into their creativity to honor graduating seniors. High school seniors share their favorite moments across social media and celebrate the last four […]

Alumni Spotlight: David Hollie – HOBY Alabama, 2015

“HOBY played a vital role in inspiring my commitment to service and leadership. The conference itself was the catalyst that opened my eyes to my purpose and obligation to humanity. The speakers and participants awakened the passion I had on the inside to impact society in a positive manner. The atmosphere and experience there ignited […]

L4S Winner: Cameron Gehlert – HOBY Missouri, 2016

“HOBY opened my eyes to a clearer definition of what my volunteer service should be about: change, growth, commitment and continually re-evaluating those components. HOBY helped me recognize my service did not have to be limited to my own backyard.” I have never been afraid to talk to people but through HOBY I recognized the […]

How HOBY Will Make Me a Better Doctor: The Importance of “Soft Skills” in Medicine

It seems like just yesterday that I stepped on to the California Lutheran University campus on June 7, 2007 for the California Central HOBY seminar. It was a weekend that changed my life and introduced me to some of my closest friends. Many of my fellow HOBY ambassadors now serve as world-leaders in politics, the arts, […]

HOBY Was the First Place I Saw a Woman of Color in a Leadership Position

This is a transcript of a speech was presented by a HOBY alumna at the closing ceremony for the 2019 HOBY Connecticut Seminar. Let me tell you a story about a student. She has thick, brown, curly hair. Each hair follicle that sprouts from her head falls into its own individual curl pattern. Some days she likes to wear her […]

Alumni Spotlight: Megan de Armas – HOBY Florida South, 2016

“HOBY taught me that I can make a difference in the world around me. It transformed me into a confident, global leader.” Megan De Armas utilized her HOBY skills with her experience in volunteering to create her own nonprofit project, “Kickin’ It With Kidz.” Her inspiration for the program began the summer of her eighth-grade […]