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Make Dreams Come True for the Terminally Ill in Your Community

A 96-year-old World War 2 veteran pilot with Alzheimer’s is flying in an open-air, two-seater WWII training plane high above the city he lives in, landing 45 minutes later and greeted by crowds of people including his family, friends, mentees, and fellow veterans & members of the military. He steps off the plane looking 30 […]

How HOBY Will Make Me a Better Doctor: The Importance of “Soft Skills” in Medicine

It seems like just yesterday that I stepped on to the California Lutheran University campus on June 7, 2007 for the California Central HOBY seminar. It was a weekend that changed my life and introduced me to some of my closest friends. Many of my fellow HOBY ambassadors now serve as world-leaders in politics, the arts, […]

Alumni Spotlight: Georgena Williams– HOBY Pennsylvania East, 2017

“HOBY inspired me to be that beacon of hope, to help those currently at an obstacle in life to rise above. The seminar inspired me to do more, to take action instead of sitting back.” When she was young, Georgena Williams knew she wanted to help those she saw begging for loose change on the […]

HOBY 2019 Volunteer Training Institute Highlights

Our annual Training Institute was held in the heavily air- conditioned Hyatt Winfrey Hotel in Birmingham, AL on Aug 15- 18th! Volunteers, DNPs and HOBY International staff from almost all corners of the United States flocked by the hundreds to participate in this highly informative training. Here are some highlights: Friday, August 16 was the […]

HOBY Event Highlight: 2019 Global Leadership Awards in Chicago

HOBY’s second annual Global Leadership Awards reception was held at Cushman & Wakefield’s headquarters in Chicago. Shawn Mobley, the CEO of the Americas for C&W and Anna Gomez, CFO of the Leo Burnett Group co-hosted the event with over 150+ people in attendance. Taylor Hicks, the “American Idol” season 5 winner, provided the entertainment for the […]

HOBY UK Volunteer Regan Leahy Recognized for Championing the Sustainable Development Goals

Press Release Global Compact Network UK recognises Regan Leahy for championing the Sustainable Development Goals London, 24th June 2019— At its Making Global Goals Local Business UK flagship conference, Global Compact Network UK recognised the first-ever UK SDG Pioneer — a young business leader who is championing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their company […]

Stuffed Love: Increasing Hope, Love, and Community Connection

I first heard about HOBY through a local Rotarian that knew my dad. Jody had gotten to know me through my volunteerism around my community, and thought I would be a great fit to attend a HOBY program! Her club helped fundraise the cost of attending the winter 2014 Advanced Leadership Academy and I was […]

HOBY Was the First Place I Saw a Woman of Color in a Leadership Position

This is a transcript of a speech was presented by a HOBY alumna at the closing ceremony for the 2019 HOBY Connecticut Seminar. Let me tell you a story about a student. She has thick, brown, curly hair. Each hair follicle that sprouts from her head falls into its own individual curl pattern. Some days she likes to wear her […]

WLC 2019 Program: A Sneak Peak

The HOBY World Leadership Congress 2019 is just under five weeks, and we are putting the final touches on our WLC 2019 Program. What is WLC?  It is a weeklong program designed to empower high school juniors and seniors to become mature, cognizant leaders and active global citizens.  More than 450 students from 14 countries […]

Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Farace – HOBY Central Pennsylvania & WLC, 2018

Guest Writer: Tyler Farace – HOBY Central Pennsylvania & WLC 2018 Hey HOBY! My name is Ty Farace and I was a 2018 Central Pennsylvania and 2018 HOBY WLC representative. I’ve been asked to share my HOBY story and so that’s what this is. I hope you enjoy! My HOBY journey started when a friend […]