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Complaining like your life depends on it

Can you go 21 Days without complaining? Like, not even once? We like to tell ourselves that venting is an important part of letting things go. But more often than not, retelling negative stories allows our thoughts to stay negative much longer than they would otherwise. Complaining is an obstacle to effective leadership. Such a leader […]

A Resumé that Resonates

Ah, the resumé, your work/life experience in 2 pages or less. There will be few documents you will spend more time on than your resumé. Many hours, sweat and yes, some tears may go into crafting the perfect summary of everything you know and are. But dry those tears, HOBY is here to help. Whether […]

In One Instant: Saving Lives by Combating Distracted Driving

  Did you know that the #1 killer of U.S. teens is distracted, impaired, and reckless driving?  And it’s completely preventable.  Now you can do something about it AND earn your Leadership for Service hours with one impactful project! In One Instant is HOBY’s partner in combating distracted driving and saving lives. Through their multifaceted, peer-driven, live […]

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7 Adulting Skills Every HOBY Teen Should Have

While the HOBY universe is motivated and compassionate, we could still benefit from stepping back to do a personal inventory of what we still need to learn and to examine how we present ourselves to others. Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of NYT bestseller ‘How to Raise an Adult’ and former Stanford dean; wrote an article for […]

Scholarship Opportunities Only for HOBY Alumni!

Meet Nikki Adolphson, a 2013 HOBY Iowa Alumna and 2013 WLC Alumna who received full-tuition at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. You can, too! Waldorf University’s Pillars Scholarship program is offering several scholarship opportunities exclusively to HOBY Alumni! The scholarships are for new residential students interested in living-and-learning environments and interested in valuable connections to […]

Get an Internship You Want!

What’s all this buzz about internships?!?  Internships are an outstanding way to get real-world experiences before heading off to college.  While “internship” sounds enticing, it may be difficult to know where to start as you look to land your first internship.  Below are six action items to take NOW to help you secure your first […]

Make a Difference. Save lives.

As we start the New Year, we’re sure you’ve got your sights on exciting things like Spring Break, Grad Night, and Prom.  What if we told you that these three events are the trifecta of distracted and impaired driving?  That over the past five years, more than 5,000 people have been killed in crashes involving […]


Why is it important to have an accountabilibuddy? Every day we’re learning, changing, growing, and busy, so sometimes we set goals for ourselves that we end up pushing off or forgetting about. When this happens, we can be quick to let ourselves off the hook for not meeting the expectations we’ve set for ourselves. “I […]

Translating your HOBY experience into meaningful bullet points on your resume

Are you looking for ways to capture your HOBY experience on your resume or college application? Look no further!  Below you will find a sampling of bullet points for you to copy and paste at will.  No need to use all of them (some are even repetitive), simply pull the ones most reflective of your […]

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