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HOBY 2019 Volunteer Training Institute Highlights

Our annual Training Institute was held in the heavily air- conditioned Hyatt Winfrey Hotel in Birmingham, AL on Aug 15- 18th! Volunteers, DNPs and HOBY International staff from almost all corners of the United States flocked by the hundreds to participate in this highly informative training. Here are some highlights: Friday, August 16 was the […]

Including Introverts: Why “Introverted Leader” Is Not a Contradiction

What do you picture when you think of a great leader? You might imagine someone who is dynamic in a crowd, who loves talking with people, who is outgoing and charismatic and thrives in social situations where all eyes are on them. Certainly, someone who exhibits these skills and traits has the potential for great […]

Giving The Gift of Leadership

The most important words uttered in HOBY history were spoken by Dr. Schweitzer, “the most important thing in education is to teach young people to think for themselves.” The thought shook Hugh O’Brian to his core and in 1958, he put Schweitzer’s words into action by founding HOBY. 60 years later, more than 500,000 students […]

A Two-Way Street: Initiating a Better Feedback Loop

I have found an investment in people is the best and most important investment you can make, both in business and in life. I can draw a straight line between my success today and mentorship—both in having folks in my life willing to mentor and in my own willingness to accept such guidance and support. […]

Why This School Counselor Invests in Youth Leadership – Natalie Gaudette

By Guest Contributor: Natalie Gaudette One of the things I was most excited about doing after becoming a high school counselor was bringing HOBY to my school and giving my students the opportunity to attend. When I, myself, was a high school sophomore, I attended as an ambassador and the experience is what inspired me to pursue […]

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When We Underestimate Youth Leaders

There is a near constant flurry of activity on the Loyola Lakeshore campus. It’s going on day 3 here in Chicago, IL at Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership’s longest and largest youth leadership event, the World Leadership Congress (WLC). Group sing-alongs and dance parties erupt out of thin air. Pedestrian traffic halts for spontaneous hugs and […]

Dear World Changer, Just Don’t Quit

Dear World Changer, I get it. You want to change the world. You want to launch that business. You want to feed starving children. You want to change this nation’s laws on equality, gun rights, healthcare and more. You want to make an impact … a difference. And, spoiler alert, you are capable of that […]

Here we are again–be a leader that takes action.

Here we are again.  Another senseless, tragic school shooting leaving a trail of devastation, pain and loss in it’s wake.  What was once unimaginable and unspeakable now feels routine.  And that may be the greatest shame of these tragedies. Yes, our thoughts and prayers always go out to the victims, families and the communities but […]