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The Final Rose: How to Make the Most out of Your College Decision

If you’ve made it to part two, Congratulations! I hope that after all the college searching, the campus visits, and the tour presentations, you are finding yourself between a rock and a hard place: choosing the college that’s the right fit for you! By the time April came around, there were seven acceptance letters that […]

Kindness– Let’s Fill Up the Cup This Week!

The time for kindness is now. This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Yes, ALL Week! Every day is an opportunity to spread happiness, and it doesn’t take much. Studies show that acts of kindness and service to others improves our own physical and mental health, and is rumored to increase lifespan! When learning […]

Shoot For the Moon: A Look Back at HOBY in 2018

I just finished a brisk walk through midtown Manhattan, visiting HOBY alumni, board members, volunteers and donors. I come to NYC regularly but there is always something particularly special about the city in December. It can be cold and wet, but throughout the day, there is something different about the usual NYC hustle and bustle; […]

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Laible – HOBY Pennsylvania Central, 2017

“HOBY has given me the courage to serve others before myself.” In the summer of 2018, Sarah Laible, who attended the HOBY Pennsylvania Central seminar in 2017, volunteered in Madagascar with Operation Christmas Child. Sarah writes, “Last summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with Operation Christmas Child to give less fortunate […]

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Giving The Gift of Leadership

The most important words uttered in HOBY history were spoken by Dr. Schweitzer, “the most important thing in education is to teach young people to think for themselves.” The thought shook Hugh O’Brian to his core and in 1958, he put Schweitzer’s words into action by founding HOBY. 60 years later, more than 500,000 students […]

In One Instant is Making a Difference

The time is NOW. You can save lives with In One Instant. It’s easy: Get the program scheduled at your school now and implement it before summer! Your friends will thank you for making them aware of reckless and distracted driving before prom, Senior night, and graduation. Made for teens by teens, the lasting impact […]


The M&A Advisor continues its 17-year history of recognizing the importance of leadership by establishing a partnership with HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership), an international nonprofit that has been inspiring a global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation since 1958. With over 450,000 alumni in more than […]


Here we are again–be a leader that takes action.

Here we are again.  Another senseless, tragic school shooting leaving a trail of devastation, pain and loss in it’s wake.  What was once unimaginable and unspeakable now feels routine.  And that may be the greatest shame of these tragedies. Yes, our thoughts and prayers always go out to the victims, families and the communities but […]

Freshman Year for Free!

A student who takes a Modern States course and passes the corresponding exam can gain credit at a traditional university at no cost.  Access to education is fundamental to a world that respects every individual, yet college affordability is one of our nation’s most rapidly growing social problems. Today, there are more than 44 million people with student debt totaling […]