Day of Remembrance: HOBY commemorates one year since founder Hugh O’Brian’s passing.

Today marks the first anniversary of the passing of HOBY Founder, actor, and humanitarian, Hugh O’Brian.

On this day last year, our HOBY family of past and present volunteers, staff, and board members; alumni, family, friends, and fans were profoundly saddened by this huge loss.

In the following days, an outpouring of love, stories of remembrance and many, many thank you’s via the hashtags, #becauseofHugh and #4hugh, washed over social media:

Rachel Anderson‏ @rachey418  7 Sep 2016 #becauseofhugh I am in my 13 year of volunteering for HOBY. Wearing my HOBY pin today #4hugh

Vanilla IceCoffee‏ @DuncanBX98  7 Sep 2016 #becauseofHugh I gained a set of invaluable skills to change the world around me

Mary Medina‏ @MaryMed30332956  7 Sep 2016 #becauseofHugh my son @NickMedina1990 is forever changed  and our family is forever grateful! OUTSTANDING!!!! RIP

The celebration of Hugh’s life strengthened our resolve to continue his legacy, to bring the very best in youth leadership programming to young people all over the world.   An era had come to an end but HOBY would carry on.

As we commemorate the first anniversary, we’d love for you to reflect on the collective memories that Hugh gave to hundreds of thousands of individuals and spare a moment to think about all of the hundreds of thousands more that have yet to know what HOBY will provide them.

HOBY teaches confidence.
HOBY teaches acceptance.

HOBY teaches humility.

HOBY teaches diversity.

HOBY teaches determination.

HOBY teaches the importance of service.

HOBY teaches us that we are capable of making change.

HOBY teaches us to see ourselves as leaders.

For this, we owe Hugh many thanks.

The future of HOBY is still bright. We will expand and thrive despite this deep loss because friends like you understand and support Hugh’s mission. Your continued gifts-of-thanks to his legacy fund ensure this.  Your volunteerism ensures this.  Your dedication to this organization that Hugh loved will ensure this! Because of Hugh, we have a responsibility.

If you have a moment today, please consider a donation.  If you have a few moments, please leave a message (#becauseofHugh) on our social media or email us– share how you have upheld Hugh’s legacy in this last year. Thank you.

In Remembrance,

HOBY International 

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