Emmah Bowers will receive the HOBY 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The HOBY Outstanding Young Alumni Award was created to recognize and honor HOBY alumni, ages 25 and under, for their accomplishments and service. The winners of the award have distinguished themselves as leaders among their peers and in their communities. They have served in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities and have made a significant difference in the lives of others.

EMMAH BOWERS, HOBY Pennsylvania Central · 2015

“HOBY made me aware of the impact every little action makes.”

During her junior year of high school, Emmah Bowers combined her love for dancing with advocacy for special needs children to create First Position, a free dance program dedicated to teaching physically and mentally disabled children how to express themselves through movement.

Emmah founded First Position upon the idea that anyone can be an artist if given the right environment. Since its founding in 2016, this unique program has attracted the attention of several special needs families and news publications alike.

Emmah’s efforts are changing lives, such as for one young dancer at First Position who is mute and was able to overcome the communication barrier and express her feelings through dance.

As a senior in high school, Emmah coordinates other service-orientated programs in her school and community and also serves as a mentor for younger students.

Because of her work with First Position, Emmah has been recognized as a recipient of the Red Cross Spirit of the Hero Award as well as by a local American Red Cross chapter as the Youth Good Samaritan Hero, among others.

She credits HOBY for inspiring her enthusiasm to give back and as the turning point in which she “felt inspired to make a difference in the world.”



Join us on November 1st in Los Angeles, CA as we honor Emmah and the other Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Gala honorees:

District Attorney, Los Angeles

Sheriff, Los Angeles County

President, Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education, CA
HOBY Kansas, 1979

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Augusta University, GA
HOBY Montana, 1998

HOBY Virginia, 2016

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