Food, HOBY and Strangers: #HOBYD12

Dinner for 12 Strangers is a long-time tradition implemented at some of the country’s best universities as a way to connect outstanding people in the same area.  

Sitting down 12 strangers connected by only one common experience –HOBY– at a dinner table is an exciting and fun way to continue to develop yourself as a person – and as a LEADER.
On two nights this fall, HOBY alumni, volunteers, HOBY Parents, and friends of HOBY, young and old, will come together to enjoy good food and great conversation for the third round of

HOBY Dinner for 12 Strangers (aka HOBY D12).



When: Host a D12 Saturday, October 21st or Sunday, November 12th

What: Order some take-out or head to a local restaurant and enjoy dinner with your new HOBY network

Who: Don’t have space for 12 guests?  No problem – simply select the number of guests you can accommodate and we will set the registration accordingly

Why: Network. Make friends. Enjoy good food. Have fun!

How: Register to host  HOBY International will then share your D12 details with HOBY supporters in your area and manage the registrations for you.  The week prior to your dinner, you will receive your guest list, reach out to your guests to provide final details, and welcome them for dinner! 

*Host registration will close on Thursday, September 21st!


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