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What’s all this buzz about internships?!?  Internships are an outstanding way to get real-world experiences before heading off to college.  While “internship” sounds enticing, it may be difficult to know where to start as you look to land your first internship.  Below are six action items to take NOW to help you secure your first internship position:

6: Update your resume: don’t forget to include your HOBY experience (you can get tips for that HERE)

5: List the top three majors you are considering for college

4: Sit down with your parents and identify friends and families working in businesses (large and small) who may consider hosting an intern

3: Identify where your interests (#4) and your connections (#3) intersect

2: Draft a letter requesting a brief meeting/phone call with your connections

1: Make the ask!

  • At a big company: Would you introduce me to the main POC for Company X’s internship program?
  • At a smaller company: Would you consider allowing me to serve as your intern for this summer?

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