Giving Thanks

A message from HOBY President and CEO, Javier La Fianza.

As I think of the coming season of thanks and giving, from Thanksgiving and beyond, this quote from President Reagan spoke to me because it really sums up HOBY. As I enter my 7th year at HOBY, I am still humbled and honored to serve as President.  And as far as we’ve come, and as far as we have to go, I know without a doubt, I would not be here, in fact none of us would be here, HOBY would not be here, without standing on the shoulders of hundreds of thousands.

We stand on the shoulders of over 425,000 HOBY alumni.  Their promise, potential and passion inspire me daily. The impact HOBY Ambassadors have on their communities and the world is second to none.  They are literally changing and saving lives around the world because they too stand on the shoulders of generations.

IMG_7416-400x300Generations of volunteers have dedicated countless hours to HOBY and our Ambassadors, serving throughout HOBY, from Board Members to Junior Staff, Seminar Chairs to CLeWs volunteers and everything in between.  Every volunteer contributes their time, talent and treasure to ensure that every HOBY Ambassador has shoulders to stand on, as well as the confidence and skills to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

HughBW-238x3001But perhaps the broadest shoulders in the HOBY family belong to our founder himself, Hugh O’Brian.  In 1958, it was extremely unusual for a celebrity of Hugh’s stature to volunteer so publically for a cause, let along create their own non-profit and dedicate their life to it.  But Hugh has always been a man of unique strength, determination and passion.  After being inspired by Dr. Schweitzer, Hugh knew he wanted to make a big difference in the world.  Little did he or anyone suspect just how big a difference he could, has and will make.  It is simply staggering to think about

Thank you to the HOBY alumni, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters for all that you have done and will do for HOBY.  HOBY exists because of you.  I am honored that future generations of HOBY Ambassadors will have opportunities far beyond those we have known. We are adding our shoulders to those that have come before us, contributing to those who will follow.

HOBY’s success as an organization is because of you and I am proud to be share that legacy with each one of you.

With Warmest Wishes This Thanksgiving,

Javier LaFianza
HOBY President and CEO


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