Guest Post- Duygu Terzi, HOBY Turkey

Duyugu1Duygu is 16 years old and she is from İstanbul, Turkey. She is studying at a boarding school called Darüşşafaka. Darüşşafaka is Turkey’s first non-government educational organization which changes lives by providing quality education to students whose mothers and/or fathers are deceased. She does theatre and plays piano at school and she likes taking part in community service projects. WLC 15 was her first HOBY seminar. She says ” It was something I have been dreaming about. I felt like WLC was where I needed to be. Now I have faith in myself to change the world.”

 “You are never too young or too old to make a difference.”


When I got selected as one of the HOBY TURKEY representatives, I wasn’t aware of the opportunity I had. I watched nearly all of the HOBY WLC videos and I thought they were just exaggerated. I used to think that one camp can’t change the world. BUT IT DID!


I learned how to be myself and respect. And now in Turkey, I continue living HOBY by following my heart because I am inspired and motivated to do good by more than 500 people. I am not afraid of showing up and making an impact now thanks to HOBY. I am trying to be a sponge. I am trying to pay attention everything around me.


Duyugu3We mulched trees and picked up the trashes at Humboldt Park on day three with my amazing group C2. I felt like that was how to think big start small.

Duyugu4With a family of 456 ambassadors we worked with Feeding Children Everywhere for an hour and packaged 53,000 meals. HOBY WLC made my dreams come through. I had the chance to listen lots of speakers with OUTSTANDING speeches. One thing I realized was: “If not now, then when? If not me, then who?”

I believe myself and  the other 455 ambassadors can chance the world together. Now I can definitely say that I owned my every second at WLC and going to live HOBY all the time.


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