Why is it important to have an accountabilibuddy?

Every day we’re learning, changing, growing, and busy, so sometimes we set goals for ourselves that we end up pushing off or forgetting about. When this happens, we can be quick to let ourselves off the hook for not meeting the expectations we’ve set for ourselves.

Acountabilibuddy“I didn’t volunteer this weekend like I had planned.” “I didn’t make it to the gym today like I wanted to… it’s okay, I was tired.” “I haven’t read a book in so long, but I told myself I would read more.”

Why aren’t we accomplishing the goals we told ourselves we would? Perhaps we just need an extra push in the right direction to keep us motivated, and that’s where accountabilibuddies come into play!

Accountabilibuddies are people who hold us accountable for our actions, or our lack of action. They help keep us on track with our goals, giving us extra motivation to follow through with our plans. They’re loyal friends and mentors who check in every now and then to say, “Hey, what have you done lately to stay true to your goals?” When someone else holds you accountable for your actions, generally people tend to work harder and stick to their plans.

Remember, accountabilibuddies help you strive toward goals you’ve set for yourself, so your buddy’s main job is to help you chase after what YOU want. When you find an accountabilibuddy, keep in mind this practice can work both ways—make sure you follow up with your accountabilibuddy on their goals, too. Design a plan that works for you both to motivate each other and stick to it, whether it’s texting each other once a week or setting up a coffee date or phone call once a month to check in on progress; explore what works best for you.

Your accountabilibuddy doesn’t have to be your best friend. Choose someone who you know will help you grow and who will take the role seriously. For example, if your goal involves fitness and dieting, ask a teammate, coach, or athletic acquaintance if they’ll help you stay on track. If it involves starting a project or organization, ask someone who has experience in that area to help you develop and execute your plans. You don’t need to have the same goals as your accountabilibuddy—as long as you’re inspiring each other to be your best selves and pursue your dreams, you’re doing it right.

Now that you know what an accountabilibuddy is, go find one! If you have more than one goal, you can find more than one accountabilibuddy.

Find a buddy and be a buddy.

You’re in this together.

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