HOBY Alaska– its a BIG deal.

Erin Orchard, Leadership Seminar Chair of HOBY Alaska reached out to HOBY International with some mighty big facts about their seminar and the students that attend.  We agree that they are impressive and share worthy…

“Alaska is bigger than California, Texas, and Montana combined…”

Some of our students had to fly to Washington to get back to Alaska before making it to Anchorage. Others must take ferries to get to an airport to fly on a bush plane before taking a jet. Our students live in the same state but the distance from each other is greater than the vertical length of the continental US…”Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.02.43 PM

” …Students come from rural communities where there are less than 100 people and only 3 students in their entire high school…”141A1463

“…Our geography and way of life make us unique. Alaska is home to the tallest mountain in the US, lakes the size of Connecticut, and National Parks bigger than Switzerland. We are all proud to call Alaska home! ”

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