HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi Connect at Regional Conferences

Throughout the months of March and April, HOBY partner Phi Sigma Pi conducted regional conferences with their chapter members and alumni nationwide.  HOBY was represented at each of the 21 conferences, where our volunteers and staff were able to present about HOBY and address questions from participants.  Two of HOBY’s most enthusiastic and seasoned volunteers, Donna DiIanni and Beverly Waters of South Carolina, share their experience with the Mid-Atlantic Conference that took place in Columbia, South Carolina.

What was your initial reaction upon meeting PSP members?   SC HOBY was invited to attend the Mid Atlantic Region of the PSP Brothers Regional Conference held at the Student Conference Center at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.  We were greeted by a great group of 35+ PSP Brothers who were very energetic and ready to get involved.

What was the best part about participating in the PSP conference?  The opportunity to network with another nonprofit who was in a similar market for volunteers and enthusiastic about their mission.

What did you learn about PSP that you didn’t know about before? We had never heard of them, so we were impressed with “seeing them in action!”  We had never seen an organization that called all their constituents “brothers!”

How do you think we can maximize the HOBY-PSP partnership in terms of both our organizations’ missions?  Set up quarterly goals, measurements for accountability, and annual recognition for those partnerships that SHINE.  There must be methods to measure accountability and provide recognition for those who meet or exceed expectations.

If you can describe PSP members in three words, which words would you use?   Dynamic, energetic & exciting!


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