HOBY Event Highlight: 2019 Global Leadership Awards in Chicago

Taylor Hicks

HOBY’s second annual Global Leadership Awards reception was held at Cushman & Wakefield’s headquarters in Chicago. Shawn Mobley, the CEO of the Americas for C&W and Anna Gomez, CFO of the Leo Burnett Group co-hosted the event with over 150+ people in attendance. Taylor Hicks, the “American Idol” season 5 winner, provided the entertainment for the evening.

Shawn Mobley

Shawn Mobley opened the program with a few words of welcome for our guests. He was introduced to HOBY when he was a keynote speaker at 2017’s World Leadership Congress at Loyola University – Chicago. Shawn has joined the Board of Trustees of HOBY and helped create the event, raising funds to continue to grow HOBY’s programs developing youth leadership.

Our Outstanding Young Alumni honoree was Kyla Guru, a high school student in IL who attend the 2017 HOBY seminar. She started a nonprofit and organized a women’s empowerment conference. Kyla is also 1 of 15 young leaders to be chosen for Facebook’s Community Leadership Fellowship.

Kyla and Alexys

Kyla Guru is an incoming high school senior from Deerfield, IL and attended the HOBY Illinois Central South seminar in 2017. She started a nonprofit, Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education, and organized a women’s empowerment conference. Kyla was also selected to be a part of “SHE ++”, a program by Stanford to inspire women to pursue tech careers. She just flew in from CA to join us that evening because she is 1 of 15 young leaders that was chosen for the prestigious Facebook Community Leadership Fellowship.

Alexys Ogrek, attended WLC in 2014 and is now a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. She shared how HOBY gave her the skills to succeed in college and in business. Alexys is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Communications. She attended WLC in 2014 and has been an active volunteer since. She shared how HOBY gave her the skills to succeed in college and in business.

David Fergusson, the Executive Managing Director of Generational Equity and HOBY Board of Trustees member, shared the impact of the program in Uganda. Afterward, there was time for conversation among the guests on Cushman’s beautiful outdoor patio. Thank you to our generous sponsors American Airlines, Cushman & Wakefield, Mylan, Anna Gomez, IAI, Leo Burnett Group, BirchLake, Skender, Clune Construction Company and Turner for supporting HOBY’s mission! Other sponsors include AON, ESD, Bridge Mediation &Leadership Solutions, NBC Universal, Henricksen, Syska Hennessy Group, tooshlights, Interior Investments LLC, Sloan and Whitney.

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