HOBY Partnering With JCI USA

Why is HOBY partnering with JCI USA?
HOBY and Junior Chamber International (JCI) have a long track record of leadership development. Both non-profit organizations are international in scope with a presence in communities around the world. JCI members share many of the same values as HOBY volunteers and we believe our partnership will not only strengthen our organizations, it will increase the impact we have around the world.

There are many ways to connect with local JCI chapters programs.
Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Search: Find out where your local JCI chapter is located. Most states have multiple chapters. Try to find a local JCI chapter in that city and help that local President connect with their local HOBY contact. JCI chapters can be located by reaching out to Dr. Anderson at nocoastconsulting@gmail.com or hoby@jciusa.org

Meet. Once you’ve reached out to a JCI seminar, ask for a conference call or to meet for coffee and discuss how you can work together to improve the community. Many JCI chapters would love get involved with the Leadership 4 Service (L4S) program as part of the HOBY seminar. The leadership for service includes experiential, hands-on community service project with educational components. This may be a good place to start the conversation.

Extend an invitation. Invite local JCI members to an alumni event or as senior staff at your seminar. Consider assigning specific HOBY members to serve as hosts to JCI members to make sure they feel welcome. If an alumni event is not planned than invite them to present at a Planning Team or Corporate Board meeting. Ask them to come to speak to your seminar site about some of their projects and needs.

Invite them to the volunteer at the service project or consider joining your Planning or Board of Directors. If you have a project that is close to starting, reach out and invite the local JCI volunteers to join you. Or reach out and volunteer to help their program with an upcoming project they may have. It is a great way for members of both organizations to get to know each other while being active citizens.

Get connected. Check out your local HOBY website and Facebook page. They are more likely to help with your projects if you show them you are interested and invested in their projects as well.

Dr. Ryan Anderson is an Associate Professor of Business at Grand View University with his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Dr. Anderson teaches courses focused around Economics and Finance that include Strategic Management, Personal Finance, Investments, Macroeconomics, International Trade, Corporate Finance, Money, Banking and Financial Systems. Prior to completing his doctorate, Dr. Anderson obtained his MBA with a concentration in Finance from Drake University.

For more info on JCI, contact Ryan at HOBY@jciusa.org