HOBY take on tough topics for teens in Turkey!

Written by: Cheryl Brenn

If you’re going to talk about digital storytelling, then why not ask an Emmy award winning videographer and producer to lead the conversation?

TurkeyClewJeffThat’s just what HOBY Turkey did when they planned their first Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) of the 2014-2015 program year, Digital Storytelling: Using New Media to Pursue Your Passion in Life and Create Social Change.

HOBY Turkey welcomed Jeff MacIntyre, Owner of Content Media Group, based in Los Angeles to Ankara, Turkey to lead the discussion and help the 54 participating students tell their stories. This workshop spanned a day and half, during the first day students learned the process of digital storytelling and the ingredients that go into making a powerful and engaging video that will move people to act. The second half-day was spent on video production and post-production.


TurkeyClew2Students were given four topics to work from, but each topic requiring at least two of the groups to address the topic in order to show varying perspectives. In all, the ten groups addressed the following issues: Internet Privacy, Fitting in, and How Technology has Changed Friendships.

The primary objective of this CLeW was two-fold:

  1. Introduce students to personal leadership by way of the storytelling process i.e. identifying your passions and what you want to ‘say’, identifying your strengths/gifts and ‘how you want to say it’ and being aware of how point of view influences ‘your story’.
  2. Learning the mechanical and technical aspects of digital storytelling as a formidable, powerful and very relevant vehicle to communicate a message and create change.

With every program planned and offered by HOBY Turkey, one of the primary objectives is for every student to leave with a sense of empowerment and connectivity; to feel more confident, to take risks and try new things at their own schools. With this program, not only did they leave knowing they are now part of a larger, HOBY family, but also with the basic skills to write their own digital story in a professional manner.

All the student videos are posted on the HOBY Turkey YouTube channel.

When asked, students offered the following feedback:

“I learned how something as small as my iphone can be used to make professional videos.”

“I learned the value of stability in filming and how to vary my camera shots to make my video more interesting.”

“I loved learning the fundamentals of how to make a good video.”

“I knew about internet privacy issues beforehand but I really liked communicating the message by using various types of media.”

HOBY Turkey will be offering their second CLeW on Saturday, December 6 at Bilkent Laboratory and International School in Ankara. To learn more about HOBY Turkey, follow their facebook page .