HOBY Volunteer Earns President’s Lifetime Achievement Award – Heather Myers

Longtime HOBY volunteer (and new HOBY staff!) is the first alumnus in HOBY history to earn the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. To earn the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, you must complete 4,000 hours in your lifetime. Heather has earned 5,166.5 as of October 11th, 2018. Over the last 24 years, she has helped many worthy community organizations and projects including, her local community theater, Toys for Tots and Lions Club and of course- many hours as a HOBY volunteer.

HOBY CEO, Javier La Fianza expresses, “we are truly proud of you and are delighted you have joined our staff with your enthusiasm and passion for HOBY. Thank you for helping Mr. O’Brian fulfill his dream of empowering individuals to make a positive difference within our global society.”

Heather attended HOBY Pennsylvania Central in 1993 and spent 24 years as a volunteer before joining the HOBY staff as a Director of National Programs for Region O. We are so pleased to celebrate Heather’s wonderful contribution of time, talent and care to her local community and to HOBY.