Favorite Memories from Years Past: #HOBYThrowback

The school year is officially ending and graduation photos are popping up all over the internet. Schools have organized drive by parades, hosted social distanced processions, hung posters honoring students, and dug deep into their creativity to honor graduating seniors.

High school seniors share their favorite moments across social media and celebrate the last four years of their lives.

We are hopping on the train, but instead of keeping it to the last 4 years, we asked HOBY Volunteers to share their favorite #HOBYThrowback photo from years past along with their favorite moment from that year.

Here are some of the submissions. To join in on the fun, head to social media and share your favorite HOBY throwback photo! Make sure to tag @hoby and use #HOBYThrowback!

“Silver Surfers lookin classy at HOBY WLC 2012, led by the one and only Jarrod Fucci!

My favorite memory from that year has to be the final night in our group room. Less than a week before, we were all strangers, but by that final night we had become a global family. We had so much fun reminiscing the adventures of the week. It was hard to say goodbye but luckily we all planned to keep in touch so I knew it wasnt the end.”

– Gavin Imes

“This photo is from my alumni section assistant year, 2002, with previous WLC chair Russ Tanguay!

The biggest thing I remember is being amazed at how smart, determined, and mature the ambassadors in my section were – I was in college at the time so they were just a few years behind me, but they were so advanced in their perspective and knowledge and skills – but all in different ways.”

– Liz Sutton

“WLC 2011, C1! PinkEs up forever!

Seeing Hugh O’Brian speak at closing ceremonies was quite magical! And all the times that the pink group would randomly flamingo! But the biggest thing is that I can directly trace my current career in international peacekeeping from my ambassador year. I met incredible global perspectives and the “ignite your light” (2011 tagline) for me focused on international peace advocacy efforts.”

– Ben Lutz

“WLC 2008! Group H4 led by Eric Blevins. This was HOBY’s 50th anniversary.

My favorite memory would have to be either the the full choir joining together or our group time for the Amazing Race. Going from 500 individuals to that mass choir was an amazing experience. In Amazing Race, our group had a shortened time span due to rain, but we just had a blast seeing DC together and solving puzzles.”

– Nathan Hendrix

“This is at WLC 2017 with my E-4 gang right after the gala night.

My favorite HOBY memory is when we had the country presentations at WLC 2017. The delegation from Iraq couldn’t be there but we were able to have them on a Skype call. That 30 minute call pulled at so many emotions and I think it was the one point that truly brought all of us at WLC together.”

– Emily Swann

“WLC 2007. I will never regret introducing WLC to hip hop hoby rocks the slow jam version to the world.

My favourite memory from WLC was listening to the panel of ambassadors from around the world talk about their culture and discovering so many commonalities I didn’t know existed. Coming from a relatively homogenous area of Canada, WLC gave me the opportunity to explore other perspectives.”

– Karla Kerrigan

“CT HOBY 2011! My ambassador year we were tasked will cleaning up a local beach and the group I was with actually found a $100 bill that we got to donate to Connecticut’s Save the Sound which is the organization we were working with to do the beach cleanup! It was super rewarding to see our work pay off and really jump started how I looked at leadership for service.”

– Monica Mordowanec

My ambassador year: HOBY MN 2012! I was on team Pink and each team got to choose a leadership characteristic so we also were Team Teamwork!

When I look back at these pictures, it reminds me of the power of HOBY. We were group of sophomores who were strangers when we came, but called each other family when we left. I also remember us all being quirky and goofy and not even feeling self-conscious about it, which at the time was difficult for me prior to HOBY!”

– Sarah Nelson

“It started here…2014 WLC Group E5! 8:32 pm on July 19th, 2014 #CitrusLove.

I vividly remember when my roommate and I both got back to our room (after Closing Ceremonies). We immediately hugged each other and cried for some time. We sat down and reminisced on our favorite memories from the best week of our lives. We were exploding with love for everyone we met and were fueled with a new energy to go back to our communities to make a positive social change.”

– Behrad Bakhtiari

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  1. Oliver Asis May 21, 2020 at 9:50 pm #

    Amazing! Great to see these great memories!

  2. Sarah Nelson May 21, 2020 at 10:47 pm #

    Wow! I love seeing all of these experiences and memories!

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