Impact Distracted Driving: In One Instant

HOBY has partnered with In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Program to create an exciting leadership opportunity for you.

Positively impact the #1 killer of American teens: distracted & impaired driving. Watch In One Instant’s trailer here to get an idea of its powerful message, and then bring this assembly to your school!

WHAT? You’ll put on a one-period Video Assembly for your school featuring the award-winning full film. While working on this program, you will:

  • Gain experience in putting on an impactful community event.
  • Develop skills in planning, budgeting, fundraising, publicity & public speaking.
  • Earn all your service hours for Leadership for Service.
  • Be a hero in saving more lives in your community.

WHO? You and a few classmates will work with a teacher or school administrator to help with specifics that require an adult supervisor.

HOW? We’ll mail you the DVD, and provide you with all the tools to implement the assembly, including optional add-ons. The In One Instant Executive Council will guide you through every step, and be available to help you.

WHEN? Put on the Video Assembly before Prom, a time when reckless/distracted driving increases. You need time to plan and make this all happen, so sign up NOW to get more information.

COST? There’s a program-licensing fee (due 30 days before your scheduled assembly) of $250 (reduced from $495 if 50 schools sign up). IF your school doesn’t have it in their budget, In One Instant will teach you how to easily fundraise from local business, organizations, and parent groups.


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