In One Instant: Saving Lives by Combating Distracted Driving


Did you know that the #1 killer of U.S. teens is distracted, impaired, and reckless driving?  And it’s completely preventable.  Now you can do something about it AND earn your Leadership for Service hours with one impactful project!

In One Instant is HOBY’s partner in combating distracted driving and saving lives. Through their multifaceted, peer-driven, live program, you take the lead in creating an immersive and emotional experience for your high school.  Organize an assembly that combines In One Instant’s dramatic, award-winning Teen Safety Driving film with a compelling live performance. Take these easy steps to make a safer world for you and your friends and family:

  1. Learn More.
  2. Sign Up Now! Get all the support and resources you need to make this program happen before prom — when distracted driving is at its peak! In One Instant will provide you with the tools to get your school onboard, as well as simple steps to create an incredible, meaningful assembly. It’s important to get the assembly on your school’s calendar immediately, so sign up now and we’ll get you going!
  3. Log your volunteer hours in Leadership for Service and earn the HOBY Awards Packet with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
  4. Impact the lives of your friends at the assembly.
  5. Make a lasting, positive change that saves lives.

Little choices can make big changes. Everything you do, from planning to producing the assembly, can be included in your L4S volunteer log. It takes time to make a difference, so sign up, start planning today, log your hours as you go, and host the assembly before the end of the school year!

Your school and community may have the funding to implement this program. Check if your school has an assembly fund, Principal’s fund, PTA fund, or some other activity fund that can be used for this program. Many local businesses have also sponsored the program.

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