Little Choices, Big Changes: In One Instant



Did you know that the #1 killer of US teens is distracted, impaired, and reckless driving?  Now you can do something about it AND earn your Leadership for Service hours with one impactful project!

In One Instant is HOBY’s new partner in helping to combat distracted driving and save lives.  By planning an assembly at your school and implementing In One Instant’s award-winning Teen Safety Driving video, you put your leadership skills into action and help bring this important cause to the limelight.  Lead the charge and become an Ambassador for Change in your community!

Everything you need to plan for your school assembly and produce the program is provided and outlined in this Coordinator’s Guide.  The licensing fee for this program is usually $495 per school.  But if 50 HOBY Alumni from across the country sign up to do this program, the fee drops to $250!

Check if your school has an assembly fund, Principal’s or Parents’ fund, or some other activity fund that can be used for this programs.  Many local businesses have also sponsored the program.  Your school and community may have the funding to implement this program with you at the lead!

Remember that you have until July 1st to log your Leadership for Service (L4S) hours in our website or App.  Everything you do to make this project happen, from planning (reaching out to your school administrators about this program, getting the funding for the video) to producing (leading the assembly at your school), can be included in your L4S volunteer log.  You can start planning today, log your hours as you go, and have the assembly by prom or end of the school year!

Sign up now to get more information on this impactful program and leadership opportunity!  In One Instant has also promised to provide funding support.  We will inform all students who sign up if the minimum of 50 is met.  Students will have another opportunity to accept or decline implementation of the program. How can you lose?!


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