Join HOBY in Ireland with ASLFL’s International Youth Leadership Conference


“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”   – Albert Schweitzer


Hugh O’Brian was deeply moved by the work of humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who was his inspiration for starting HOBY in 1958. Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life aims to motivate young people with demonstrated leadership abilities and high aspirations to:

  • Take personal responsibility for exercising leadership
  • Develop an awareness of social needs and issues
  • Improve interpersonal and group communication skills
  • Create self-esteem
  • Exercise their leadership abilities in the communities where they live
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of multi-culturalism
  • Instill a passion for community service
  • Teach all students to protect the global environment without compromising the
    needs, wants and expectation of those who inhabit the globe
  • Better understand the importance of daily healthy living, diet and nutrition

Open to HOBY Alumni, the International Youth Leadership Conference is a partnership between HOBY and Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life to help students expand their global perspective. When you attend the Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life 2018 conference you’ll get to meet students from around the globe and you’ll work together to develop sustainable solutions!

WHO: The conference is for students aged 15-18 years old. 150 students from across the globe. From 2011 to 2018, over 15 countries have been represented at the conference: United States, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Nigeria, India, Palestine, Germany, Dominican Republic, Yemen, Lithuania, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, South Korea, Russia and Denmark.

WHAT: International Youth Leadership Conference. As part of the Albert Schweitzer international student initiative and the goal of impacting more and more students in Ireland and abroad.

WHEN: Saturday, July 21st to Sunday, July 29th, 2018

WHERE: The ASLFL conference is being held at Maynooth University in Co. Kildare, Ireland, which is 30 minutes outside of Dublin City. The Graduation Gala and selected events will be off campus with the majority of the conference including Opening and Closing Ceremonies being spent at Maynooth University (conference sessions, meals & room accommodations for all students).

HOW & HOW MUCH: The program fee of $1,750.00 USD, covers all logistical needs such as meals, lodging, ground transportation and venue entrance during the ASLFL conference. The program fee does not cover the cost of transportation to and from Dublin, possible visa and passport costs. As a HOBY Alumni, your eligibility to attend is guaranteed as long as your payment is received by the registration deadline of May 19th. To apply, Click the Register button below.

TRANSPORTATION: You may arrive by car, plane, bus, or train. Yes. If you are traveling as an International delegation, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation will be organizing group pick-ups from Dublin Airport to the dorms.


More questions?  Email or call 818-851-3980 x309.