Make a Difference. Save lives.

As we start the New Year, we’re sure you’ve got your sights on exciting things like Spring Break, Grad Night, and Prom.  What if we told you that these three events are the trifecta of distracted and impaired driving?  That over the past five years, more than 5,000 people have been killed in crashes involving teen drivers during the period starting at Memorial Day, known as the “100 Deadliest Days,” when teen crash deaths historically climb?  BUT what if we also told you that you can do something about it?  That these deaths are completely preventable?

InOneInstant--social mediaIf you care about your friends and family, help prevent distracted and impaired driving in an innovative new way!  HOBY has partnered with In One Instant Teen Safe Driving Program to create an exciting leadership opportunity that can save the lives of your friends and loved ones.

In One Instant will engage you and your classmates in an emotional experience with their award-winning film and assembly, which empowers teens to stay safe behind the wheel and influence their friends and family to do the same.  We’re sure you’ll be moved watching In One Instant’s video trailer and understanding its powerful message. All tools are provided to help you plan a successful event.

This program is the most important gift you can give to your school and your friends.  We’re taking this program nationwide to increase our impact.  Be the first in your city or state to bring In One Instant to your school and community!  Learn more.

WHAT? You’ll put on a one-period Video Assembly for your peers featuring the award-winning full film. While working on this program, you will:

  • Gain experience in putting on an impactful community event.
  • Develop skills in planning, budgeting, fundraising, publicity & public speaking.
  • Earn all your service hours for Leadership for Service.
  • Be a hero by saving more lives in your community.

WHO? You will lead the charge with a few classmates and work with a teacher or school administrator to help with specifics requiring an adult supervisor.

HOW? We’ll send you the DVD and provide you with all the tools to implement the assembly.  The In One Instant Executive Council will also serve as a resource to help you through every step.

WHEN? The program is most impactful during a time when reckless/distracted driving increases, so consider putting on the Video Assembly before Spring Break, Grad Night, Prom or another large event at your school.  You need time to plan and make this all happen, so sign up NOW to get more information.

COST? There’s a program licensing fee of $250 (reduced from $495) if 50 HOBY students sign up.  If your school doesn’t have it in their budget, In One Instant will teach you to fundraise from local businesses, organizations, and parent groups to cover the cost.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! SIGN UP by MARCH 6th to find out more!


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