More like 2 Days of No Complaining?

The New Year asks us to take a hard look at ourselves, our habits and behavior, to make a judgment about the trajectory we are on. That is very much the spirit of our 21 Days of No Complaining Challenge. Many of you took the pledge with us to attempt to banish our inner Negative Nellies and go 21 days straight without complaining, not even one itsy bitsy complaint.

And we all seemed to struggle.

I think I made it about 4-5 days with the #HOBYComplaintChallenge.   – Claire Dever

I didn’t make it two hours!  I started to say something negative about a girl I don’t like, and my boyfriend caught me! Oops! Staying 100% positive is tough! I definitely failed this challenge, but it totally opened up my eyes to how easy it is to be a Negative Nelly!   – Macy Reasor

To be completely honest, I forget a lot that I’ve made the commitment! But when I do catch myself complaining, I notice right away! Needless to say, I complain more than I should! I’m still working tirelessly to stop complaining all together!   – Harmony Edmondson

Well, I’m not going to lie–I’ve been far from perfect. But I’ve come to terms with how much I complain, and I’ve been on a streak since this morning!  – Hannah Johnston

 Complaining has become a cornerstone of our culture. YouTube Stars, comedians, and politicians have built entire empires on their ability to see the negative in everything. While Kevin Hart is hilarious, it certainly makes you wonder if this obsession with what’s wrong is really the right way to be. It certainly is easier to cry foul, and complain than it is to have direct and uncomfortable conversations.

How many of us have gotten an email from a member of our group 2 days before your presentation to tell you that after missing all of your meetings, his computer crashed, and lost his piece of the presentation? Our response-  Sure, I’ll do YOUR section too!!

Get cut off in traffic- HELLO? Learn how to drive!!

A family member calls to ask a question about what to do if their dog is eating grass- Let me GOOGLE that for you!

In an effort to be non-confrontational, we allow the injustices of our day to color how we see the world. Macy is right, staying 100% positive is tough, and it’s totally easy to be a Negative Nelly. But to make progress in the No Complaining Challenge, you have no choice but to observe your thought patterns and habits.  Linking unwanted behavior (complaining) with a harmless consequence (switching a bracelet from one wrist to the other) changes the way you view the mistake. The simple act of moving a bracelet to the other wrist asks you to examine why you failed without the pain of punishment. When we observe our thoughts in this way, we get to know ourselves a little better and in turn become more patient with others.

I started my no complaining and was really strict about it, but I kept slipping up. Eventually, I just decided to have a generally more positive attitude in my everyday life. It has helped me so much! I am able to encourage myself and my friends, and I am able to cheer up the others around me. I am not as stressed as I used to be, and all I did was change my attitude!  – Abby Southworth

I definitely have not been able to keep up an impressive streak with this challenge 🙁 However, the no-complaining challenge has definitely taught me to be aware of my words. I complain without even realizing I meant to! I’ve noticed that my complaints happen most often when conversing with classmates. We often discuss negative topics such as homework, difficult tests, unfair teachers., stress, etc. I have learned to be far more careful about what I say in these conversations.  – Gretta Kissell

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While I am still a ways from reaching Vulcan Status, No Complaining Challenge has left us with an important lesson. Things outside of our control happen to us all the time. We will not get along with everyone we meet, have to work with or are related to. But the one thing that is in our control is our response to those things or people. True leadership is the ability to put ego aside to cultivate peace and cooperation. We always benefit from our own patience with ourselves and others. We will take this lesson with us into 2018, and we hope that you will too.


Congratulations to the winner of Complaint Challenge Feedback Raffle, Macy Reasor! Email or DM us to claim your prize!