New Year, New Resolutions

A New Year offers a fresh start for many; new fitness and eating habits, better time management, increased financial savings. However, it is rare that improving leadership skills is on the forefront of the New Year’s resolution list. Effective and sound leadership is one of life’s most important skill sets and yet it is often overlooked, by most, as a natural trait. HOBY Alumni understand the importance of effective leadership. They are part of a vast and growing network of leaders who are devoted and driven to impact their local and global communities. By working to create a better world they are constantly putting to use the strong leadership inspired and learned through a HOBY CLeW, State Leadership Seminar, WLC, ALA, or an International Tour.

Young leaders carry a powerful and effective life skill that has the potential to impact the world. This year HOBY challenges our  leaders, young and old, to inspire leadership in their peers for their 2015 New Year’s Resolution! Whether through a symposium or small acts of leadership, spread  the importance of leadership in 2015. Teaching is often the best learning tool. As we are all at different levels of leadership development, it is important to identify which aspect of leadership you can focus on and improve upon so that you may better teach those how to be effective leaders. Use your strengths to impact your peers by inspiring leadership in them. To help tap back into those “inner powers” of leadership, here are some qualities to pass on to your peers through your personal actions:



-Ability to delegate

-Clear and effective communication


-A good sense of humor



-A positive, can-do attitude



-Ability to inspire

Keep us posted on how you’re inspiring others.  We would love to hear about your successes and share them with the HOBY network.  Happy New Year!

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