Scholarship Opportunities Only for HOBY Alumni!

Nikki Adolphson

Meet Nikki Adolphson, a 2013 HOBY Iowa Alumna and 2013 WLC Alumna who received full-tuition at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. You can, too!

Waldorf University’s Pillars Scholarship program is offering several scholarship opportunities exclusively to HOBY Alumni! The scholarships are for new residential students interested in living-and-learning environments and interested in valuable connections to faculty, internship experience, opportunities for research and/or service projects in one of the areas below.

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Campus Ministry
  • Creative Writing – English
  • Digital Media – Communications
  • Education
  • History – Political Science
  • Honors Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Service Learning – Rotaract
  • Women in Leadership

The scholarships, up to full tuition ($80,000+ over four years), are still available for the 2018-2019 academic year. Now is your time to apply!

The Pillars Scholarship will be awarded based upon leadership potential, academic record, and current involvement in leadership opportunities on and/or off the H.S. campus. To qualify, applicants must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA and 18 ACT or 870 SAT. Since this is a residential scholarship, students must live on campus to receive the scholarship.  The scholarship is not able to be combined with fine arts or athletic scholarships at this time.  The scholarship is good for all four years with no need to re-apply, but students must meet the requirements for involvement in their given club/organization.

To learn more and to apply, click here HOBY Alumni receive priority, so mention it in your application essay!


After acceptance, be prepared to:

  1. Visit campus.
  2. Send your transcripts and ACT/SAT scores.
  3. Sign the letter of intent for accepting the scholarship.
  4. Make a $225 non-refundable deposit for tuition, room, and board.

A Waldorf University representative will work with students to complete the university application process.

Please contact Waldorf University Admission Counselor and fellow HOBY 2002 Alumna, Rachel Harms with any questions.

Rachel Harms
Waldorf University Admissions Counselor

office 641.585.8534 | cell 641.425.5912 | school 800.292.1903
106 S. 6th St. | Forest City, Iowa 50436