So You Think You Can Blog? (So does HOBY)

YOU can contribute to the HOBY Blog

We are looking for a few good writers for our brand new HOBY Blog.  If you have a story or expertise to share about Youth, Volunteering, Leadership, Fundraising, Social Media or current events that would interest our readers, then we’d love to hear from you!

What should I write about?

Anything related to High School students, youth leadership, non-profits, or volunteering.  In particular, we’d love some expert tips or inspirational stories.

Who is the intended audience?

Our Volunteers, Alumni, New Ambassadors, Parents, Donors, School Contacts and other non-profits.

How much do you want me to post?

To be a regular contributor, we ask that you commit to 4 or more articles a year. If you want to be a guest contributor, send us what you have and we may post it!  500-600 words per article is preferred.

Should I include images? Do you have requirements for these images?

YES! Images are not required, but they do have impact. Images do not need to be print-quality, and they don’t need to be your own, but you must have permission to use them, and if they are not yours you must credit the owner clearly. Readers should be able to safely assume that everything not explicitly credited is the author’s original work.

What are the guidelines for content?

Be respectful of all individuals, races, religions and cultures; it is a direct reflection on HOBY.  Refrain from posting items that could reflect negatively on HOBY or otherwise embarrass the organization, including but not limited to, comments or posts about drug, alcohol, and substance abuse; profanity or obscenity; off color or sexual humor; and inappropriate conduct. Avoid topics that are inflammatory, including but not limited to, politics and religion.

Who owns my posts?

The author retains ownership, but HOBY reserves the right to publish to our outlets.

How will I be credited?

Every post by a guest blogger will be labeled “Guest post by ________”. A regular Contributor will have their image and name appear on the blog.

How do I start?

Email Crystal at with a bit of information about yourself, and an idea of what you would like to write. If we think it fits, we’ll get in touch!

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