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Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez /

Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez /

In true HOBY fashion, we are sure you probably have big plans for this summer. Maybe you’re planning for senior year, or perhaps it’s your last summer at home before going off to college. HOBY has big hopes for the future too, a bold goal you might say. Last March HOBY staff and volunteers met in Washington, DC to talk about HOBY’s future and ways to get there. Our goal is:

By 2030, to create the most civically-prepared and entrepreneurial global generation of youth leaders.

And we need your help.

There are a crazy number of volunteer opportunities this summer- each casting their own ripple effect to make our global community more compassionate, innovative and prepared for the challenges ahead.

If you are already up to your eyeballs in blankets you’re donating to a local hospital, or cans for a food drive, WE WANT TO KNOW. Log your service hours on HOBY online by using THIS LINK and write to us as much as you’d like at (we love snail mail too!)

But maybe you’re unsure of how best to help out, or what your particular service passion is yet. That’s okay too! One of HOBY’s strengths are the diverse interests and passions of our ambassadors and volunteers. Reach out to your site’s alumni and volunteers for ideas or to offer a helping hand in projects they may have underway. (HOBY has a few amazing opportunities for this summer too. We’ll list them at the end, and you can see if you fancy any of them.)

We are so proud of the work you’ve done so far this year. We hope that you take some time for yourself this summer, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do for others!

Advanced Leadership Academy
HOBY’s college-prep program, the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA), empowers high school juniors and seniors to become change leaders in their communities. The ALA helps address the question “What can I do to change the world?”

Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life Conference in Dublin, Ireland!
Open to HOBY Alumni, this program is a partnership between HOBY and Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life to help students expand their global perspective. When you attend the Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life 2017 conference you’ll get to meet students from around the globe and you’ll work together to develop sustainable solutions!

Intrax High School Exchange
With Intrax’s multiple High School Exchange opportunities (many of which have scholarships or special HOBY discounts, woo!) HOBY alumni get to pursue their ambitions on a global level during their junior and senior year as a student Ambassador of the U.S. If you’ve ever dreamt of world peace, start by learning a new language, build self-confidence and develop cross-cultural insight. For more information, call 800-579-1709.

There are so many amazing opportunities out there. Follow your interests and keep on serving. Not only will you be improving your leadership skills, you will also be making a huge difference in the lives of others.

In the meantime, here are some other youth leadership organizations that can also be a resource for you.

Youth Service America:
Do Something:
UN Foundation:

We can’t wait to hear how you’re changing the world!


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