The HOBY Holiday Campaign needs YOU.

2013Holidaycontest1-400x300Nobody tells the HOBY Story better than our Alumni and Volunteers. This year we want you to send us YOUR HOBY STORY that will inspire our supporters (100 words or less) along with a photo of you (hi-res, please).

Send via email to by 10.26.2013. (Our apologies, Halloween).

All HOBY alumni are encouraged to participate for a chance to win: a HOBY “Bag of Swag”, your outstanding words in the household of thousands of homes nationwide, A BIG CONGRATS on the HOBY BLOG and Facebook and plenty of bragging rights!

Quick rules

  1. Submissions accepted October 8- October 26
  2. 1 Entry per person
  3. All entries submitted must be your original words
  4. Entries should include your Name, Age, HOBY Site and Year, City, State and phone number.