Top 7 Things You Can Do to Prepare NOW for College!

Drive to Success: Yes, you are busy.  But you will only get busier.  If you’re interested in driving, get your license ASAP.  Driving is still a great skill to have even if you don’t have a car.  Not to mention, adulting requires a state-issued ID for everything!


Experiment Like You’re Bill Nye: Don’t operate with your head down; try new things!  You can’t know if you like it until you try it.  And who knows, it may change your choice of school or major.billnye

Find Fun Campus Events: Identify your top 3–5 colleges, seek out a fun campus event for each, and plan your college visits accordingly.  This will provide you an opportunity to see the campus and its students outside the ever-lively lecture halls.

Plan Your Testing Calendar: Ideally, all SAT/ACT testing should be completed by March of your junior year, allowing time for subject and AP tests in spring and makeup tests in fall of senior year. Check out:

Find a Creative Angle: Brainstorm 3 positive adjectives that describe you.  Write 2–3 sentences that highlight a time when you demonstrated each adjective.  You now have the seeds for 3 college essay topics.  Be authentic: this is the key area of the application that allows you to express your personality!who you are

Let Go of Your “Cutesy” Email Address: Choose your “forever email” that will give college admissions officers, and future employers, a great first impression.  “” is always a winner.  Use this email address for all college-related and job-search communications.At_sign.svg

Serve…Yourself: Find balance.  Life is short, and the final days, weeks, even months of your high school career shouldn’t be a chore.  Plan time with your friends, volunteer for a cause you care about, step back from the books, and enjoy yourself!teenshavingfun

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