Translating your HOBY experience into meaningful bullet points on your resume

resume-listAre you looking for ways to capture your HOBY experience on your resume or college application?

Look no further! 

Below you will find a sampling of bullet points for you to copy and paste at will.  No need to use all of them (some are even repetitive), simply pull the ones most reflective of your HOBY experience.


  • Applied my personal leadership skills to achieve group-oriented goals while delegating tasks based on fellow students’ strongest traits
  • Completed community service to create positive social change while sharpening my own personal and group leadership talents
  • Discovered my voice through the opportunity to express my passions and values in a safe space
  • Developed public speaking skills by confidently delivering my views before an audience of “XX” peers and volunteers
  • Engaged in meaningful leadership-based discussions, panel sessions, and activities alongside a diverse group of ambassadors and volunteer staff
  • Excelled both academically and personally to stand out among my peers and be selected by my high school to attend the HOBY “XX” Seminar
  • Gained a broader understanding of the importance of service in leadership and successfully completed “XX” service hours focused on “XX” in the last “XX” months/years
  • Learned valuable goal-setting skills utilizing SMART goals and successfully applied this method both academically and personally to ensure I achieve my goals
  • Nominated by my school to attend the HOBY “XX” Seminar, joining “XX” students leaders from the state to engage in leadership training focused on personal leadership, group leadership, and leadership for society
  • Participated in a variety of interactive activities and workshops allowing me to discover my personal leadership strengths and challenging me to apply these skills to lead others and make a positive impact in my community




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