Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Nigo – HOBY Arkansas, 2008

“HOBY has impacted my life in every way; being part of such an organization has allowed me to impact others. HOBY gave me the strength to be the leader I was born to be.”

Ryan Nigo began his HOBY journey in 2008 after he was approached by a junior who had attended the event the previous year. This led him to attend the HOBY seminar in Arkansas. Little did he know that this would only be the beginning of his HOBY journey.

Ryan said, “I didn’t see leadership in myself but HOBY taught me to believe in myself even when others tried to tell me differently.”

After going to Arkansas, he knew that he wanted to go back to HOBY and do more. Volunteering had always been a big part of Ryan’s life. Inspired by his time at HOBY, he went back to his hometown and did one thousand hours of community service. With his background in volunteering, it was an easy choice for him to come back year after year to help at HOBY.

He first came back to HOBY as a junior staff volunteer in 2009. While he did not know what to expect, he was excited to help in any way he could. After his time as a junior staffer, he knew that he wanted to do more and continue to volunteer with HOBY.

Since 2009, Ryan has volunteered in numerous roles within HOBY. In 2011 he served beside the Leadership Seminar Chair as an assistant for the seminar. In this role, he was able to get hands-on experience and gain valuable skills in how to prepare a HOBY seminar.

Then in 2012, he was a facilitator for the first time and later, he became a facilitator at HOBY’s World Leadership Congress.

When asked why he volunteers with HOBY, Ryan said, “I wanted more and wanted to know how I could do more for such an organization that gave me a whole new outlook on life.”

Ryan said that he hopes to be “the light that gives an ambassador the strength to become the true person they are and be the leader they were meant to be despite what others around them might say… letting them know that they can be themselves and be an OUTSTANDING leader.”

Throughout his time at HOBY Ryan has only missed one year of volunteering. Since then, he has continued to be the light for HOBY participants in Arkansas and at WLC.


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