Cameron-Bridges-400x300Name: Cameron Bridges-Harp
AGE: 27 years old
YEARS WITH HOBY: 10 Years volunteering with HOBY

Tell us who you are in “real life”:

I am a sales professional for Recall Corporation, an innovative leader in information management.  I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my wonderful spouse; we have 2 beautiful dogs, Brody and Emma.  I am a huge LSU fan, and of course a loyal Falcons and Braves supporter!

What should everyone know about HOBY?

Everyone should know about the inclusive nature of HOBY, and how we as an organization, strive to develop and emphasize the very best of every individual.

We don’t pay you, so why do you make the time to volunteer?

I make the time to volunteer with HOBY for many reasons! One is because I believe this organization and the team I serve with, truly make an impact on the future by influencing and expanding the ambassadors’ perspectives. The selfish reason that I volunteer is because of how much I get back from the organization, and how I continue to develop as a leader each and every day.

How has volunteering with HOBY influenced you?

Volunteering with HOBY has influenced me in always being critical of my own leadership skills and style.  I have learned that there are times when what you say may not be popular, but it is still ever important that you voice your concerns.

Very important…What is your favorite book and what favorite food would you be eating while reading it?

My favorite current book would have to be “Aloha Betrayed”, on an educational note, or the Harry Potter series for fun.  I would definitely be eating Ethiopian food while reading!

Who inspires you?

The person that most inspires me, and this may sound cliche, is my mother.  She has taught and shown me the meaning of unconditional love, serving others, and bettering yourself throughout your life.  I strive to be like her everyday to become the best me that I can be!

Best tips for new volunteers?

The best tip I have for new volunteers is to enjoy yourself, make sure you sleep before coming to HOBY, and do not be intimidated by more experienced volunteers.



IAMaHOBYvolunteer-400x300HOBY wouldn’t exist without our volunteers. That is fact.

Last Year, nearly 4,000 volunteers helped HOBY to change the lives of 10,000 students across the nation and the world.  There are stories behind these individual volunteers who give their time, talents and effort to make a difference in the lives of our young people and to keep HOBY going year after year.

So with that, we present the HOBY Blog Volunteer Spotlight.   Each month we’d like to shine the proverbial light in thanks to one  (or 2) volunteers while sharing a bit of their story and why they do what they do. We hope that doing so inspires those of you who have yet to take a volunteer plunge (with HOBY, or any organization that you love) and realize that even though we are all busy, if the mission is strong, we can squeeze out some time to help if it means we are making a difference.

Want to be in the spotlight?  Email boutiettec@hoby.org.

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