Volunteer Spotlight: This is Carmen

HOBY wouldn’t exist without our volunteers. That is fact.

Last Year, nearly 4,000 volunteers helped HOBY to change the lives of 10,000 students across the nation and the world.  There are stories behind these individual volunteers who give their time, talents and effort to make a difference in the lives of our young people and to keep HOBY going year after year.

So with that, we present the HOBY Blog Volunteer Spotlight.   Each month we’d like to shine the proverbial light in thanks to one  (or 2) volunteers while sharing a bit of their story and why they do what they do. We hope that doing so inspires those of you who have yet to take a volunteer plunge (with HOBY, or any organization that you love) and realize that even though we are all busy, if the mission is strong, we can squeeze out some time to help if it means we are making a difference.

So without further ado, I present:

C-Miller-400x300Carmen Miller

Tell us who you are in “real life” (what do you do/study/etc):

“When not in my Super Hero form as “Carmenator”, I am an event planner in real life. Other than volunteering with HOBY, I volunteer with the Winston-Salem, NC Jaycees which is the organization that runs my local seminar.”

What should everyone know about HOBY?:

“Be prepared to do cheers. I was never a cheerleader in school but I get to #livethedream through HOBY. Also, everyone should know that HOBY not only impacts the rising high school juniors but the adult volunteers.”

We don’t pay you so why do you make the time to volunteer?:

“Others don’t add a line in their budget to pay themselves?! JUST KIDDING. I make time to volunteer for HOBY because I enjoy being part of an organization that can positively impact teens and their communities.”

 How has volunteering with HOBY influenced you?:

“HOBY has influenced me by allowing me the opportunity to spend a weekend with local leaders & teens where we discuss real issues they face in school (not just about the latest gossip) and how to turn a negative situation into a positive one.”

Very important… What is your favorite Book and what favorite food would you be eating while eating it?:

“Easy question! My favorite book, well it’s a series, has to be Little House on the Prairie. As a kid, my sister and I would watch the TV show and then read the books. We even dressed up in our “Prairie Dresses” one Easter…bonnets and all.”

 Who inspires you?:

“My parents”

Best tips for new volunteers?:

“Best tip for new volunteers is to just jump in and get involved. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”

Would you like to be in the spotlight?  Let us know.  Email Crystal at boutiettec@hoby.org to get started!