Oh, hi!

Welcome to the HOBY blog!

We are happy to announce that this blog will be a great source of information for our Ambassadors, Alumni, Parents, Volunteers and Supporters.  Until now HOBY’s main avenue for communicating was via your inbox but we believe this blog will be a simple and searchable new way for us to keep our friends up to date on the latest HOBY updates, events and program related news and articles.  We think you are really going to like it!

So what can you expect to find?  Well, we are testing the waters and may add and delete ideas as we go but for now you can anticipate:

  • A calendar of events for HOBY
  • Articles that inspire our volunteers to put on the best SEMINARS (These once came via HOBY HAPPENINGS)
  • Important Leadership for Service information
  • Spotlights for our OUTSTANDING ALUMNI!  (Send us your stories)
  • Spotlights for our OUTSTANDING Volunteers!
  • Spotlights on our OUTSTANDING Donors!
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Information that we find valuable for our young leaders; Scholarships, College info, Service ideas

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So let us know what you think and share your comments.