WLC: What I Wish For Every High School Student

The HOBY experience has been nothing but OUTSTANDING! Both of our sons attended South Florida HOBY and WLC, Nicholas in 2015 and Noah in 2018. From the moment we sent Nick to HOBY we had no idea what to expect, but as a family, we were going through a tough time with him and honestly, we needed help. Never could I have imagined as a parent that this one program would change my son’s life and open his eyes to his true potential. In just 4 days at a state seminar, he came home with a new-found passion and drive that we had never seen in our son.

He became involved in our local chapter and did everything in his power to attend WLC in 2015 and to this day still volunteers. He and our family have been big supporters ever since.  It was so important to us that our younger son Noah was able to attend and experience HOBY for himself. Both our sons made lifelong friendships and built relationships with other students from around the world in just a week-long program.

WLC is a truly a program that I wish every high school student was able to experience. As a young person having a voice in our community and making a difference in and around the world is just one of the many lessons, HOBY instills in them. It gives them the opportunity to know that they can be leaders of today and that their voices count. It opened their eyes to their true potential in our global community and gave them the tools to empower themselves to make a difference. The had the opportunity to meet students the same age from all over the country and many from around the world and is another unique and powerful aspect of the program.

Inspiring, motivating, and empowering are just a few of the words that come to mind when I describe HOBY to our friends and colleagues. Our family has made it our mission to spread the word about HOBY and what Hugh O’Brian’s vision was some 50 years ago.  As I said before, I wish every high school student had this opportunity to attend the World Leadership Congress and experience firsthand what it means to be a part of the HOBY family.

The Medina’s
Eddie, Mary, Nicholas, & Noah

HOBY is gearing up for another outstanding World Leadership Congress in Chicago IL, July 20th – 27th. This program is open to sophomores and juniors. Interested in learning more about continuing your leadership journey with the World Leadership Congress? Sign up for an informational webinar here. 

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