What it means to give to HOBY

Card coverHigh School sophomores are mere moments away from inheriting our complex global social problems. Yet, too often society underestimate students’ ability to contribute to new ideas that will shape future solutions.  We can choose to overlook them as a source of innovations or we can give them the skills and the leadership development now, that they can use today!

HOBY is the catalyst for transformation and we start by changing the lives of high school sophomores right on up through graduates.  Upon completing our Leadership Seminars, WLC, and ALA,  they don’t enter the world just  ready to start something,  they have already started.

This season we asked our Outstanding Alumni to submit, in their own words, how HOBY has impacted them for a chance to appear on our HOBY Holiday Card.  We had amazing results but we found the words of Kinsey Taylor Morrison to be truly inspiring:

HOBY encourages ambassadors not just to be active in their communities, but to be activists for change in every situation. I have never formed faster friendships than I did at my seminar; every HOBY program reveals and enhances the human connection that can bring us together across states or across oceans. HOBY doesn’t settle for tolerance, it promotes something deeper: acceptance and understanding. It taught me that change only happens when someone becomes intolerant of injustice or apathy. Some leadership programs keep you awake; HOBY wakes you up. I have been changed for the better, for good.

Tolerance.  It’s a word that we don’t tag as often at HOBY when our goal is leadership skills but, we certainly will be.  As future leaders of our communities, alumni have a responsibility to break down discrimination and dispel hatred. HOBY is helping them learn that our abilities to connect, to show empathy, and to demonstrate compassion are vital to effective leadership.

We think you’d agree.

This year, when you are makings lists (and checking them twice) for those children that you know and love, we want you to stop think about  whether or not you feel that all of our youth within our communities are learning the skills to shape progress, embrace diversity and lead.

HOBY wants to reach into the gaps of our failing communities and pull out the hope that lies within; we want to find them and give the skills to rebuild, rebound and thrive.

With generous donations from Community partners, Alumni, Parents and supporters we’ve been able to continue our work for 55 years.  We want to expand our outreach and we can’t do it without you.

Please consider a donation to HOBY.