WLC 2019 Program: A Sneak Peak

The HOBY World Leadership Congress 2019 is just under five weeks, and we are putting the final touches on our WLC 2019 Program.

What is WLC?  It is a weeklong program designed to empower high school juniors and seniors to become mature, cognizant leaders and active global citizens.  More than 450 students from 14 countries participate in WLC each year, and this year will be no different.

July 20th, ambassadors from around the world will flood the Loyola University Campus for a week of learning, growing, connecting, and serving.  

The week is bound to be magical, but what exactly goes into creating that magic?  A WLC 2019 Program packed with inspirational speakers, leadership for service activities, personal and team building activities, and so much more.  


What You Can Expect in the WLC 2019 Program

Check out a sneak peak of a few Program elements – some new, some old.  This program is guaranteed to bring the magic to WLC 2019.



Houston Kraft & Diane Latiker are returning speakers with a history of making a huge impact on the ambassadors of WLC.  These two speakers alone are reason enough to register and come to WLC 2019.  


Houston Kraft is a “Speaker, Trainer, and Kindness Advocate.”  He brings a unique speaking style that mixes comedy, storytelling, and raw authenticity.  His message encourages ambassadors to connect, empathize, and love one another.  These are key components to one of WLC’s core values, Global Citizenship.


Diane Latiker is a Chicago Native and founder of Kids off the Block.  Her work helps at-risk youth, welcoming them into KOB, and giving them support, guidance, and the tools for success and a promising future.  This work made her a CNN Top 10 Hero (2011) and a L’Oreal Women Of Worth Top 10 Honoree (2016).  Diane speaks at WLC about embodying a life of service. She saw a huge, complicated issue and set out to fix it right in her own neighborhood.  She inspires all of us to not be afraid to face issues that we are inspired to change.



Global Snapshot
“Put the W in WLC”

This year we invite ambassadors from each delegation (country) to take the stage with, storytelling, presentations, dances, or whatever they choose to represent their country.  Throughout the week these Snapshots serve to celebrate all of the different places that make the WLC the World Leadership Congress.


ABC Speakers
When someone gets a choice on what to learn, they are more highly engaged.

This year at WLC, we give ambassadors a choice in the topics they explore, the passions they pursue, and the speakers they engage with.  Enter ABC Speakers.

Throughout the week the WLC will have topics like Embrace the Unknown, Grit and Failure, and Sustainable Service and What it Looks Like Over a Lifetime. We will provide several speakers in small group atmospheres and ambassadors get to choose whichever session speaks to them most.



Chillax Time
This year, the WLC embraces the need for mindset and wellness practices with the addition of Chillax Time.  The week of WLC is a lot like life – busy, on a schedule, and demanding of our time, attention, and energy. It is incredibly important to take the time to slow down for self-care.  During Chillax Time we encourage ambassadors to explore the question, “What makes me feel well?”.  Is it journaling, dancing, reading, napping, yoga, talking with friends, calling our parents to tell them about our week?  Whatever the answer, we encourage ambassadors to do what they need in order to feel “well” during this freeform recreation time.


Section Home Rooms
This year we present Section* Home Rooms.  Each of our sections have their own room where Section Leaders run educational experiences, workshops, and discussions.  Section Rooms give students a more intimate experience (like local seminars), but within the global WLC community.  It also provides them a safer space to take risks (think talking in front of 60 people versus 400+ people – easier, right?).

* For those unfamiliar, the entire group of ambassadors at WLC is broken up into smaller groups for the week. There are seven sections.  Each of those seven sections are broken up into five groups of 12 ambassadors.


Lightning Talks
Think Ted Talks for ambassadors.  WLC wants to provide a space for ambassadors to share their passions, and we want to give a voice to as many ambassadors as possible.  This year we will have several nights of Lightning Talks: short, 1-3 minute talks where ambassadors can speak on what is important to them.


Wrap Up

Students leave the WLC feeling empowered and equipped with the leadership skills they need to reach their goals and make meaningful contributions to society.

Our volunteer team has put together the most impactful program we have seen in WLC history.  The sneak peak above is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is no doubt that each and every student that attends the 2019 World Leadership Congress will leave inspired, equipped, and ready to make a difference.


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Want to Sign Up For WLC 2019?

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Have Questions?

We want to help!  We know coming to WLC is a big deal, and you might want to speak to someone before signing up.  If you’ve still got questions regarding World Leadership Congress or any of HOBY’s programs, our Chief International Programs Officer, Cheryl Brenn, would be happy to hear from you.  Contact Cheryl here: brennc@hoby.org

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