Working from home? We asked the pros for some tips…

All of HOBY’s DNPs are remote employees and work from home on a regular basis. Here are some of their best tips to help if you’re transitioning to working from home:

HOBY’s DNP Team: Heather, Rose, Sandrea and Robert
  • Create a schedule and stick to it! If your office hours are 9am – 6pm, plan to work those hours like you normally would.
  • Allow yourself to get up and take short breaks… when in your “normal” office environment, you have short breaks (going for water/coffee, people stopping by with questions, going to the restroom, etc.) – so allow yourself breaks here and there to get up and take a walk, even if it’s just around your house.
  • Find a space to set up and specifically designate as your workspace.  This dedicated space should not have a TV or other things you do not normally have at work. Try not to have this place be the same area that you relax or sleep, so when your workday is done you can leave work at work.
  • Don’t forget to eat!
  • Find ways to socialize. Working from home can bring about loneliness and isolation, so make sure that you still socialize with colleagues via phone, workgroup chats or even web conferencing for face time socialization.
  • Patience is key when working from home…. Your technology infrastructure at home is likely not as good as it is in your workplace.  There can be natural challenges, so positivity and patience are needed.
  • Make sure the others in your household understand that just because you are home, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t working.  When at all possible, they should act like it is a normal workday for you and not interrupt you unless it’s an emergency that they would typically call you about if you were in your office.
  • Do not work from your couch, recliner/lounge chair, or bed and yes, get dressed every day… working in your pajama’s gets old really quickly!
  • Wherever you are, be there. If it is work be at work, if it is being a parent, be a parent, if it is taking time for yourself, take the time.
  • Pets make great office assistants!  Run your ideas by them – they don’t answer, but they are great listeners and sometimes just hearing your own thoughts and ideas out loud helps! Just beware, they don’t make the best IT consultants though! Seriously, pet hair gets into your laptop and other technology a lot more than you realize and that can cause very serious problems!

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